The types of aging in wine
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The definition of "aging" is applied to wines subjected to a process of aging of a certain duration, or rather of evolution, which modify the organoleptic characteristics. There is not a single type of aging applicable to wine, but it can be made in different containers and therefore subjected to different aging conditions.

Tecnovino HU-HA
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We have spoken in other vineyard programs until bottling, but then we have to sell the wine in the store or in the restaurant. The consumer has to look at the bottle and buy it again. Today we talk on Canal Extremadura radio in the "Sun goes out in the West" about the new wine with the name HU-HA with the enologist Yolanda Hidalgo and the owner of the Toni Arráez winery.

The Mystery of Palo Cortado
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It is a type of wine made not only in the Marco de Jerez, but also in Montilla, although the best known are those of Jerez, El Puerto and Sanlúcar. It seems impossible to talk about Palo Cortado without falling into the topic of "mysterious" wine ..

Cinema, wine and love.
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Throughout the history of cinema, there are many films in which wine appears, whether as an element of the set or as the central axis of the story, the protagonist. Today we talk about some of these films in Bebiéndote el Mundo on Canal Extremadura Radio.

Do you know what wine to give?
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Wine is a good gift option, because it has the advantage that it is destroyed, that is, if you do not like it, nothing happens. It's not like when they give you a bag and you do not like it. And if they like it, they always have the option to buy it again. Sure, they will always remember that first time they took it. We talked about tricks to know what wine to give in Canal Extremadura Radio in the program "The sun rises in the West" with the enologist Yolanda Hidalgo.

The defects of wine
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Many times we are in front of a glass of wine, with something we do not like, but we can not say what it is. Do you want to name them and know what they are due?