The tie of venencia
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We began a Season in the program "The Sun Exits in the West" on Canal Extremadura Radio; and he does it talking about the Venencia. The moment that is breathed when the venencia enters the scene with the wine of Jerez is magical. With elegant pose and bullfighter, as a balancing expert, fills the catavino. That connection is between venencia, the person and the catavino.

The Rufete variety
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La Rufete is the native and predominant variety in the area of the Sierra de Francia (Salamanca). Normally we find it in terraces on the Alagón river. Do you want to know more about her?

Types of plugs
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What are the materials used in the stopper? Why are some more convenient than others? Does it depend on the type of wine?

Orange wines
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What are orange wines? They are not new, now they have become fashionable again. But what exactly are orange wines, and why do they have that color?

Types of soil in the vineyards
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What are the types of soil in the cultivation of the vine? Spain produces wine in the 17 autonomous communities, which undoubtedly reflects the great wine wealth that is marked by history, climate, altitude, type of soil, native varieties, etc

The types of aging in wine
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The definition of "aging" is applied to wines subjected to a process of aging of a certain duration, or rather of evolution, which modify the organoleptic characteristics. There is not a single type of aging applicable to wine, but it can be made in different containers and therefore subjected to different aging conditions.